Senraise is a professional manufacturer of handheld POS machine and Smart POS terminals

Retail and Shopping
When you enter the store, the shopping cart filled with carefully selected items is filled with you. In the checkout area, the high-tech POS machine is quietly waiting for your arrival. Its user-friendly interface and easy operation add a smooth and efficient shopping experience to your shopping experience.

The cashier starts scanning the products you have selected one by one, and the POS screen quickly displays the product name, price, and quantity. After verifying the accuracy, you have selected the appropriate payment method, inserted a bank or credit card, and entered a password to confirm payment.

In this moment, the POS machine played another magical function - printing tickets. With a crisp printing sound, a ticket detailing the information of the product you purchased slid out of the printing port of the POS machine. This ticket is not only a proof of your shopping, but also an important reference for you to verify the product list and price.
You have received the receipt, which clearly prints the store's logo, shopping date, product name, unit price, quantity, and total price. The clear design allows you to easily verify every purchase and ensure the accuracy of your shopping.
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We are a professional manufacturer of handheld POS/PDA Data Collector / Thermal Printer/Desktop POS devices.
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